Welcome, Magic Fan

This is a passion project where data analysis and predictive modeling meet Magic: the Gathering.
We use cutting edge techniques to provide some insight into the world’s most complex real-world game.

Check out some of our models:

mtg-colors v0.1
Learn about the color pie

Explore the color pie through the rules text of cards. We use natural language processing techniques to let you type in some oracle text (real or fake!) and try to predict how much that effect matches up to each of the colors.

mtg-similarity v0.1
Find the cards you need

Using some of the same technologies used for mtg-colors, we provide a way to find effects that are similary to any oracle text you provide. You can make up an effect and see if anything close to that currently exists, or find redundant effects for your latest EDH deck!

mtg-matchup v0.1
Predict matchup win percentages

Use predictive models to take in two decklists and predict what the Win/Loss/Draw percentages would be between those decks.

DISCLAIMER: v0.1 of this model is heavily skewed towards Legacy.